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1D Day was on November 23, 2013.


On Monday September 30th, the One Direction twitter account tweeted that they had "big news" for the fans on Wednesday, October 2, 2013[1]. On the following Wednesday it was revealed in a tweet from Niall's official twitter account[2] that they had created a 1D Day. The YouTube video in the tweet was a message from the boys explaining that they wanted to "give back to the fans" and had created this day.

"A few months ago, we decided we wanted to give back something to all the fans that have supported us"- Harry

"We've had such an amazing 3 years and we couldn't have done it without you guys, so we put all our heads together and came up with 1D Day"- Liam

Niall says in the video that they would be hosting a 7 hour livestream which would include celebrity guests, special features and fans would get the chance to suggest ideas for the show. It will be filmed live from Global Live Stream, United States.

A video[3] was posted on November 20th on the one direction youtube channel which explained what the show would have and special guests such as Robbie Williams, the Muppets (Mrs Piggy and Kermit), Celine Dion, Kelly Roland and Simon Cowell were featured in the video to explain. It said that the show is "Seven hours(Niall) live(Zayn) with just us(Harry)" and would have "Exclusive behind the scenes footage", "Brand new album tracks", "World record attempts" and many more special guests. Kelly Roland said in the video that it was a "7 hour live show hosted by the biggest boyband in the world". It was also revealed that it would be officially hosted on Google+ and on YouTube.


The Website said "wherever you are – there will be something you can do to take part". From October 2, 2013, there would be 7 weeks where fans could do things from "suggesting show ideas, to creating your own videos – you can be sure we’ll give you plenty of opportunity to make your mark on 1D Day". Most of the challenges were the same worldwide but there were some special challenges in certain countries such as Ireland, India, Turkey and many more.

Week 1: One Big Invention

"We want you to get creative and invent a new One Direction product. If you could make anything for the guys – what would it be? An item they could use on stage? Something to improve their time on the tour bus? Or how about a product just for the One Direction fans? Whatever your idea – we want to hear it! AND see it... Create a prototype or a picture of your idea , then film a one minute YouTube video telling us all about it. Upload your videos to YouTube and share them with the band using the hashtag #OneBigInvention or email them to"

The challenge was released on the same day as the 1D Day itself, October 2, 2013[4]. The challenge[5] was to "invent a new One Direction product" for the boys or for the fans.

This challenge was judged by Louis, Zayn and Peter Jones (entrepreneur/Dragons Den) over a Google hangout.

1. One Big Invention (2)

A couple of weeks ago we closed the One Big Invention challenge. BUT... Since the closing date we’ve noticed quite a few of you have been sending in some pretty brilliant ideas. SO... To make sure we haven’t missed any of your weird and wonderful creations - we’ve decided to re-open the challenge! You now have until Tuesday November 5th to share your ideas with us. Do you have a concept to help the guys onstage? Something to improve life on the road? Or perhaps something for 1D fans to enjoy? However unusual your idea – we want to see it. Upload your video to Youtube with the #OneBigInvention hashtag. And the good news is - if you sent your idea after the 9th October it still counts! Here are some handy tips for catching our eye:

  • Film videos in landscape and in HD if possible
  • Include your first name
  • Include your country (if you can include your country’s flag – even better)
  • Don’t include any identifiable features - e.g. Twitter handles, full names
  • And last but not least – BE CREATIVE! We want to see the most unusual inventions you can come up with - so don’t be shy!

Good luck!

This challenge[6] was reopened at the end of week 3 becuase of its popularity and the high number of good entries after the closing date.

Week 2: One Direction Lookalikes

"Have you seen a pony that looks like Liam? A parsnip that looks like Zayn? Or maybe a plant that looks like Harry? We want you to take photos of things you've found that look like the One Direction guys. Who needs the internet to find great LOOKALIKES when these things could be right on your doorstep! Whether you find an animal, vegetable or mineral that bears an uncanny resemblance to the guys - take a picture and show us! Surprise us, make us laugh and the picture of your lookalikey could appear on 1D Day..."

The challenge was released a week later, on October 9, 2013[7]. The challenge was to send in images of one direction lookalikes on anything such as vegetables to animals.

This competition was related to the 5 lookalikes that were sent around LA and during the show, they came onstage and a poll (via Google+) was asked about who looked most like their lookalike- Liam and his lookalike won.

Week 3: One Direction Music Videos

We’re challenging you to create a One Direction music video using pretty much anything you like! We want to see just how creative you can be with the people and things around you… Could you create a video for ‘Moments’ with your grandparents? A video for ‘Heart Attack’ using your pets? A sign language version of ‘Kiss You’? Or you maybe you could put your little brothers to good use in a video for ‘I Want’? Whether you use people, pets, toys, food, animation or anything else - Remember….your new One Direction video could star anyone – or anything!

The third challenge was released on the 16th of October 2013[8] and it was to create a music video using "anything you like".

Many of the fan made music videos were put into [] and were show throught the show. They included the songs Heart Attack and Live While We're Young.

Week 4: 1D Day Fan Art

So who’s ready for another 1D Day challenge?! We know you’re pretty good at this one already ;) This week we want to see your best fan art – whether it’s a drawing, painting, collage, a model, sculpture, flick book, mural, photograph, you as the art work, face painting, a comic book – or something else entirely... we want to see it! Send your art to or share with the #1DDayFanArt hashtag. Handy tips to catch our eye:

  • Include your name and country
  • Send us your art in the best quality you can

Good luck!

The challenge[9] was to create any kind of fan art from sculptures to comic books. The end date for the challenge was November 6th at 4pm.

Some of the fan art was put up around the set of the 1D Day studio.

Week 5: 1D Day Theme Tune

It’s time for your fifth 1D Day challenge... So - 1D Day will be an epic seven hour show... And what is an epic show without an epic theme tune? YES – this one is for you budding composers, producers and musicians. We want you to create a theme tune for 1D Day! You could use music software, instruments, voice, household items – whatever you like! We want you to suggest how we open and close the show – and if we like your track we might even use it on 1D Day! PLUS – you could win a SoundCloud Pro SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account for a year (worth €99!) Create a SoundCloud profile, then join the 1D Day Theme Tune group. Submit your 1D Day Theme Tune track via the 'add to group' option. Tracks will be approved to show in the group, so please be patient for yours to appear. Tips for catching our eye/ears:

  • Record your jingle as an AIFF or WAV file – if yours is chosen we’ll want the best quality sound possible for the day!
  • Your 1D Day Theme Tune should be between 30-60 seconds long
  • Include your first name and your country in the title

Remember you can also share your sounds on social with the hashtag #1DDayThemeTune - to see what everyone else is getting up to!

Challenge Ends: November 13th 2013 4pm

The challenge was released on Wednesday October 30th [10] and asked fans to write, compose and record a 30-60 second theme tune for the show with the possibility that it could be used on 1D Day.

The Show

The show took place in the LA Youtube space, located in Los Angles, and the show included GWR attempts, Google+ calls and much more.

The set consisted, from left to right, of a "comfy space" with multiple sofas where interviews with the boys took place; an "interactive area" which had a huge screen where the boys would talk to people on their google hangouts as well as special guests such as Peter Jones and Stan Lucas; a wall with a "big world map" and multiple clocks displaying the different times worldwide; a small portion of the set which had another large screen and some fan art; a live band consisting of Josh Devine, Dan Richards, Jon Shone and Sandy Beales, their normal band and a small performance area; a small audience of girls (although most were backstage in a special cinema room watching it from there and most of whom had won competitions to get their place there) and an "exclusive listening booth" in the form of a red telephone box where two fans at a time could listen to the new album (at the time).

The show was live and the boys were in pairs hosting different hours each. The pairings for each hour were as follows:

  • Liam and Harry- 2nd hour
  • Louis and Niall- 3rd hour
  • Liam and Zayn- 4th hour
  • Harry and Niall- 5th hour
  • Zayn and Louis- 6th hour

The very first hour and the very last hour were hosted by all the boys at simultaneously.

There were many features including:

  • A warning alarm sounded when the boys would do a follow spree after spinning a "wheel of fortune".which would randomly select a fan to follow.
  • An on-screen randomiser which selected a pre-recorded random question from many differenet celebrities and famous people.
  • Different "VTs" including:
    • ​Exclusive never seen before behind the scenes clips
    • World Record attempts in various countries
    • Fan music video complications
    • Videos from different countries all over the world such as:
      • Italy
      • Australia
      • Germany


1D Day "best bits" videos for each hour were put up on the one direction channel. The first 3 were put up on the 8th of December. Hours 4, 5, 6 and 7 were put up on the 25th of December

The whole show was available on the one direction channel for the first 3 days and then it was deleted.

1D Day Full Livestream Footage 11 23 13 7 50 35-007:50:35

1D Day Full Livestream Footage 11 23 13 7 50 35-0

Official Links


  • 1D day coincided on the same day as the 50 year celebration of Doctor Who.


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