Between Us
Between Us

June 24, 2015

Release Order


You & I (fragrance)

Between Us is the fourth fragrance from One Direction.

The perfume was officially launched in London on June 2015, with a special tea party designed to allow various media outlets to interview the band's members individually.[1]


One Direction - "Between Us" Fragrance Commercial HD01:37

One Direction - "Between Us" Fragrance Commercial HD


One Direction BTS Behind The Scenes - Between Us Fragrance Commer03:23

One Direction BTS Behind The Scenes - Between Us Fragrance Commer

Release dates

UK Boots - July 23, 2015

Superdrug - July 29, 2015

Nationwide - August 5, 2015

US August 5, 2015
Canada August 5, 2015
Norway August 16, 2015
Denmark August 5, 2015
Finland August 10, 2015
Sweden September 21, 2015
Ireland August 2015
Bosnia and Herzegovina October 2015
Holland October 2015
Kuwait October 2015
Lithuania October 2015
New Zealand October 2015
Slovenia September 2015
Switzerland October 2015
Australia October 2015
Singapore November 2015
Indonesia November 2015
Malaysia November 2015
Philippines November 2015
Thailand November 2015


  1. Sugarscape's Snapchat Video

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