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Bring Me to 1D (BM21D) was an exclusive event hosted by One Direction in New York, USA where two fans from each of the many countries worldwide were invited to meet the boys and take part in special events on December 4, 2012.


There were competitions held in every country, where fans attended from, to win a "Go1den ticket" which gave them access to this event hosted in New York on December 4, 2012. From each country involved, there were only two people with tickets from each.

"We wanted the opportunity to meet lots of different fans from all around the world so we came up with the idea for Bring Me to 1D"- Harry

"People had to do lots of different things with radio stations or TV shows and enter competitions and stuff to win the golden tickets and if they got the golden ticket they got to come to New York, to the Madison Square Garden show and to come to this fan event" -Harry

The Event

There were many different activities that happened at the event including:

  • One Direction bingo.
  • A special tour of New York on a sightseeing cruise
  • Ask 1D - a Q&A session with the boys from one direction.
  • Kiss You Premiere - An exclusive pre-viewing/premiere of the "Kiss You" music video (which hadn't been released yet).
  • Decorating cupcakes.
  • Meeting 1D - Photos with the boys.
  • Guitars and Goodbyes- Performances of WMYB and other songs.

They also had the chance to attend their Madison Square Garden show the day before the event on December 3, 2012.


There were 7 videos released which were clips from the event posted on the One Direction VEVO channel. The first one was on December 12, 2012 and the following 6 videos were posted up until December 18, 2012.


The UK Golden ticket page - One Direction Website The US Golden ticket page - One Direction Website

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