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Carl Falk
Full name

Carl Anthony Falk


17 August, 1980 (age 36)


Stockholm, Sweden


Songwriter, record producer, musician

Carl Anthony Falk is a Swedish composer, producer, songwriter, and musician. He was born on August 17, 1980.


He attended elementry school in Aldof Fredriks School of Music but went on to study to become a information system analyst, whilst producing music as a hobby, and received a Bachelors Degree in Information System Science. He then pursued his hobby full time, producing music and DJ-ing. His first EP was called "Pish Posh" and had 4 tracks. He joined a band called "Pilot" in 1999 and they've played for the Princess of Sweden and Bill Gates. He joined production/publishing company "The Location" in 2002 and left after 5 years. He is still however maintains a good relationship with Kristian Lundin the owner of "Location Songs" and have worked together on may internationally acclaimed projects. He re-located to Los Angles in April 2010 and teamed up with Rami Yacoub and Steve Angello before moving back to Sweden. He and Rami then started "Kinglet Studios" - a production company and studio - together.


One Direction

Up All Night

Take Me Home

Take Me Home Limited Edition


  • He began playing the violin at age 5.
  • He then moved onto the drums and the piano before settling on the guitar as his instrument of choice
  • He's also worked with the likes of Westlife, Boyzone and Backstreet Boys.

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