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is a shop which sells accesories and jewellery to girls an young women. It has 3,469 stores in 36 countries worldwide. It sells many different brands such as Hello KittyBeanie Boos  and Moshi Monsters.

One Direction

It sells One Direction Merchandise such as headphones, phone cases, teddy bears, masks, watches, stickers, mugs, bags, wrist bands, mini standee cutouts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, singing toothbrushes, blankets, pillows, pens, hats, cards, diaries, lunch bags, posters, stationery, notebooks, tattoos, wallets and more!


Here are a few examples of the items in sale in each of the different ranges.

First Range

The orignally released a range of merchandise in 2011 which was based on the colours red and black and used two different photosets of the boys.

Second Range

The second range was based around the colours sky blue, white and red as well as a different, more recent, photoset of the boys.

Third Range

The third range is based around the colours blue, pink and purple and uses around 3 or 4 different photosets of the boys.

Store Gallery


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