Irving Azoff
Full name

Irving Azoff


December 12, 1947 (age 69)


music executive, manager, CEO

Irving Azoff is an American music mogul, managing a number of entertainers. He is a close friend of Harry Styles, whose family often takes vacations with the Azoff family. Irving's son, Jeff Azoff, became Harry's manager as of February 1, 2016. In 2012, Irving was named the most powerful person in the music industry.


Irving Azoff is the manager for artists such as Christina Aguilera, Journey, the Eagles, Joe Walsh, Van Halen, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Steely Dan, Maroon 5, No Doubt, Triumph (band), Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, Jon Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi, and entertainer Chelsea Handler.

He is CEO of Azoff Entertainment and was previously CEO of Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

Relationship with Harry

Harry met and became close with the Azoff family in 2013. He was seen regularly attending parties and lunches with them, as well as generally spending vacation time with them. The Azoff family is close friends with Harry's family too, in particular Harry's mother Anne. 
Tumblr inline n2croriwO01socpfc

Harry with the Azoff family in 2013.

On February 1, 2016, it was confirmed Harry had split from former management team Modest Management and Jeff would become his manager. As of July 2016, no business ventures involving Harry have been publicly announced as yet. Rumors of a solo record are still unconfirmed.

Tumblr niokjaw8To1r50o10o1 r1 500

Harry with Jeff and Glenne Azoff in 2015.

One Direction

Jeff and his wife Glenne attended numerous concerts from One Direction's Where We Are Tour and On the Road Again Tour. In September 2015, Glenne Azoff created the official One Direction snapchat, which ran until December 2015. On October 14, 2015, after fevered speculation he was becoming One Direction's new manager, Azoff tweeted "1D still in the capable hands of Modest. Golf guys should stick to golf…."[1]. As of December 2016, all members of One Direction except Niall Horan, have since parted ways with Modest Management.

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  1. Azoff tweet

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