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Josh Devine
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July 9, 1991 (age 23)


Musician- Drummer


Josh Devine is a drummer currently working for One Direction. He has performed with such artists as Skepta.


Josh was born in Bournemouth, England on 9th July, 1991 and resided there until the age of 10 where upon he moved to Leicestershire with his Mother, Father and Brother, Ben Devine.

He started his drum career from a very early age and passed his grade 8 drum qualification during his early teens but he has excelled far beyond this level to a point where he has excellent drumming technique, adaptable to many styles depending on the need and the well developed ability to improvise. Furthermore, Josh has a broad knowledge of music theory and applies this to his skills as a writer and is a producer of his own music.


  • Josh's father was in an 80s band called 'Seven'
  • He was seen in the Music Video for Live While We're Young, amongst all the teenagers dancing about in the video.

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