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Liam Payne
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Full name

Liam James Payne


August 29, 1993 (age 21)


Wolverhampton, West Midlands
England, United Kingdom


Payno, Daddy Direction


London, England


Geoff Payne, father
Karen Payne, mother
Nicola Payne, sister
Ruth Payne, sister


Sophia Smith (girlfriend)
Danielle Peazer (ex-girlfriend)

Liam James Payne (born August 29, 1993) is a member of One Direction along with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and former member Zayn Malik.

Early Life

Liam was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England , UK to Geoff and Karen Payne. He has two older sisters, Nicola and Ruth. Liam was born three weeks early, and as a result he had a lot of health problems. He spent the first four years of his life in and out of the hospital having regular tests done. Doctors noticed one of his kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional. To help cope with the pain, he had 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening as a child. In 2012 Liam found out and shared via Twitter that his kidney was functioning again.[1]

Liam as a kid

Liam as a kid

From the age of six, Liam showed signs of singing talent. He would sing for his relatives or pub crowds on karaoke. However, he had his heart set on becoming an Olympic runner, and was a member of the Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletics Club. He would wake up at 5am every day to run five miles before school. His running dream ended at 14 years old when he narrowly missed out on a spot in the England schools team. At that point, he decided to completely focus on his singing, although he still loves his football club, West Bromwich Albion.

He started perfecting his singing skills at the age of 12 when he joined Pink Productions, a performing arts group based in Wolverhampton, that allowed him to showcase his talent in front of a real audience for the first time. Liam completed 11 GCSEs at St Peter’s Collegiate School before moving on to study music technology at Wolverhampton College’s Paget Road campus, which he hoped would help him learn more about the industry.

Musical Career

Main article: One Direction History

Liam at Judge's House in 2008 (top) and auditioning in 2010 (bottom).

Liam originally auditioned in 2008 for The X Factor's fifth series when he was 14. He reached the judges' houses, but Simon Cowell thought he was not ready for the competition, and asked him to come back in two years. Liam felt Simon made the right decision because doing the live shows when he was 15, he would have struggled to cope. Liam planned to return the following year, but was unable to audition due to The X Factor raising the application age to 16.

In 2010, Liam returned and auditioned with "Cry Me a River". He received a standing ovation from the audience and Simon. He got a yes from all four judges present at the audition. At bootcamp, he sang "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" by Oasis. All three judges liked him, but Simon felt it was a bit one-dimensional. As such, he was placed with 4 other boys into the boy band One Direction, in which they made it to the grand finale, but ultimately placed third.

Since achieving superstardom as part of One Direction, Payne has become a primary songwriter for the band, along with Louis Tomlinson. Payne and Tomlinson co-write the majority of One Direction's songs, and often refer to each other as a writing team or writing partners. He also co-wrote a song for Cheryl Cole in 2014, titled I Won't Break for her album Only Human. Payne and Tomlinson were named in 2015 as some of SongSplits Top Songwriters in the World. The annual list is designed to showcase who in the entertainment industry is the most relevant and valuable, based on airplay, digital sales and web streams. They placed 54th and 55th.[2]

Personal Life


Liam's parents are Geoff and Karen Payne. He has two sisters, and a dog named, Loki.


Danielle Peazer


Liam with Danielle.

Liam first met Danielle Peazer, when he was performing in The X Factor in 2010. She was a dancer for the show and danced behind the group One Direction on many occasions. Eventually they became close and soon started dating. Their relationship ranged from December 2010 to September 2012, after Danielle ended the relationship. They got back together in December 2012, but split for good in April 2013.

Sophia Smith

Tumblr n9woebhyO71slf2yoo4 r1 250

Liam with Sophia

Liam has been dating his old school mate, Sophia Smith since June 2013. They made their first public appearance at the premiere of One Direction's movie: This is Us in London. In 2014, Sophia accompanied him on the Where We Are Tour. Liam confirmed the song Illusion on their fourth album Four, is about his relationship with Sophia.  



Up All Night

Take Me Home

Midnight Memories



  • "I've always had a strange fear of spoons." — X Factor Tour Q&A
  • "I would make Harry my personal slave and would make him drive me places." (Spin the Harry 1)
  • "I would like to say a massive, massive thank you!" (Common Quote)
  • "Have you quite finished?" (Common Quote)


  • His favorite colors are purple and red.
  • His favorite Disney film is Toy Story.
  • Niall claims that Liam is the most competitive of the five.
  • He is not a morning person.
  • Friends is one of his favorite TV shows.
  • He doesn't like spoons.
  • He was born with a damaged kidney.
  • He learned how to beatbox through Justin Timberlake, who is one of his idol's.
  • He is the more sensible one of the group.
  • His zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • He ran track in school.
  • He knows how to surf.
  • He got his driver's license when he was 20.
  • He loves to collect watches.
  • He bought his family a golden lab named Brit. They also look after his dog Loki.
  • He loves Rap and R&B music.
  • He has taken an interest in making remixes. He's already remixed a few 1D songs. As well as a remix for Cheryl Cole.
  • He co-wrote "I Won't Break" for Cheryl Cole's album.
  • He broke his arm in 2014 while in Las Vegas.
  • He loves tweeting with emojis. His favorite is the monkey covering it's eyes.
  • He is one of the main songwriters for One Direction.
  • He is an ambassador for Trekstock.
  • He knows how to play the guitar and the piano.

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