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Sophia Smith
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Full name

Sophia Anne Smith


February 9th, 1994 (age 21)


Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom


Soph, Smithers (by Liam)

Sophia Smith was born in Wolverhampton, England on February 9th, 1994.


Sophia is a student at Birmingham City University, where she studies fashion business and promotion. She has an older sister named Zoe.


Sophia is the girlfriend of One Direction’s Liam Payne. The two met in secondary school, St. Peter's Collegiate School in Wolverhampton, England. They saw each other again in February 2013, when they both attended Andy Samuels birthday party. In August 2013, Liam flew Sophia out to L.A. during the Take Me Home US leg of the tour. He confirmed they were dating during an interview at the This Is Us press conference. They made their first public appearance at the This Is Us London premiere.

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Liam and Sophia in NYC, 2014

In April of 2014, rumors circled that Payne and Smith had parted ways. However, it was never confirmed. In May 2014, the two were spotted shopping in Birmingham, confirming the two were still very much together. Since then, Sophia has attended many of Liam's shows during both the Where We Are Tour, and now On The Road Again Tour.

Liam confirmed the song Illusion from their fourth album Four, is about his relationship with Sophia


  • They were guests at Louis Tomlinson's mum's wedding.
  • Liam challenged her to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • Sophia is on tour with Liam often. More so during her summer break from uni.
  • Sophia is very close with Liam's family. Especially his sisters. Liam is also close with Sophia's sister, Zoe.
  • They attended the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
  • Sophia spent her 21st birthday with Liam in Australia.
  • Liam was holding Sophia's hand in the Night Changes music video.
  • Sophia is NOT the girl who rejected Liam 22 times. It's been confirmed by Liam, Nicola, and Ruth.
  • The Great Gatsby Ball, for Trekstock, was planned by Sophia and some of her fellow uni students. The event was hosted by Liam, who is an ambassador for the Charity.
  • Sophia and Liam have a house together in Surrey, England. With their two dogs. A Great Dane named Watson, and a smaller dog named Ralph.
  • Liam revealed in an interview, that there is a song about Sophia on the boys upcoming fifth album. Although the song title has a different girl's name, Liam said Sophia was cool with it.
  • Liam ordered a custom cake for Sophia's 21st birthday. It was a replica of their dogs, Watson and Ralph.



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