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This has been such an exciting year for One Direction fans with the the Where We Are Tour world tour and the release of FOUR!

Now it's time to close the Community Choice Awards! It's obvious that One Direction Wikians are loving the new album, and that "Night Changes" is the favorite song with "Where to Broken Hearts Go" and "Stockholm Syndrome" as second favorites. We closed the polls on December 17th and these winners are based on that deadline. With over 290 votes gathered over the month it was clear that a lot of people were really rooting for their favorites!

Polls have been left open here for folks to continue voting, but below are the final results that we gathered! Thanks for sharing the contest!

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Best Outfit

Winner: Rocker Chic with 35 votes
Runner up: Red, Grey, Black & White with 18 votes

Favorite One Direction album

Winner: FOUR with 32 votes
Runner up: Midnight Memories with 13 votes

Best Live Performance

One Direction perform 'Steal My Girl' - BBC Children in Need 201403:55

One Direction perform 'Steal My Girl' - BBC Children in Need 2014

Winner: "Steal My Girl" with 27 votes
Runner up: "You & 1" with 11 votes

Coolest Concept Video

One Direction - Steal My Girl05:19

One Direction - Steal My Girl

Winner: "Steal My Girl" with 31 votes
Runner up: "You & 1" with 18 votes

Best song on FOUR

One Direction - Night Changes04:01

One Direction - Night Changes

Winner: "Night Changes" with 13 votes
Runner up: "Stockholm Syndrome" with 8 votes

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