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  • I am She-cat
  • Ashheart

    You guys are probably wondeirng why I'm writing this blog called One Direction and Bones(tv show).Well here is why.......On the tv show Bones,Angela Montenegro talks about One Direction.I think somebody should make a Bones page on here about what Angela says about One Direction.

    This is just a suggestion.Though it probably won't happen because they don't play any of One Direction's songs on Bones and because One Direction is only referenced in one episode.I cannot remember which bones episode it was exactly.Though I know it was the episode where a teenage dancer was murdered and before she was murdered she and her best friend had plans of running away together.Other than that I don't know the episode number,episode name,or the season it was…

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  • Ashheart

    This page is full of One Direction Gifs.You guys can add some if you want. 


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