Perrie Edwards

Perrie Louise Edwards

Age: 18

Born in: South Shields, England on July 10, 1993

Parents:  Debra Duffy (Mother) and Alexander Edwards (Father). 

Siblings: Jonnie Edwards (older brother), and Caitlin Edwards (younger sister, Father side).

In Relationship With: A guy from band One Direction, named Zayn Javadd Malik.  [1]

Height: 5'3

Hometown:South Shields, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

Others:  Perrie’s parents split up when she was young.

Music in the family?: Perrie’s parents are both singers. Her dad Alex is in an unsigned band called Alexander’s Palace. Her mum        Debbie was a singer too.

Did she start young?: She didn’t have any singing ambitions until fairly recently. She said: “I thought I was just a normal singer. I did a few shows at school but was always at the back. I never had the confidence to do it well. Now, with these girls, everything is working.”

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