aka Angharad

  • I live in Wales
  • I was born on August 24
  • My occupation is GCSE Student
  • I am Female
  • Mrs-damonsalvatore98

    I'm a Directioner who is long past her carrot stage, and I'm looking for others who are like me :)

    A carrot stage is when you are new to the fandom and still laugh about things like spoons, carrots, stripes, the phrase 'Vas Happenin' and nandos, and you say the words phenomeniall, extraordinharry, amazayn, fabulouis and brilliam.

    There's nothing wrong with being a carrot, I'm just trying to find Directioners who are past this stage so we can fangirl about things that matter like ZAYN IS TURNING 20 IN LESS THAN A WEEK OMFG and KISS YOU VIDEO ASDFGHJKL

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