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    BACKGROUND  In the run-up to the Sochi Olympics, life has got worse for the LGBT community, says areport from Human Rights Watch, citing harassment, humiliation and violent attacks fuelled by a "climate of intolerance." Read more >>

    CARTOON The cartoon, by Chris Riddell from The Observer, shows Russian President Vladimir Putin holding an Olympic torch. Behind him is an enormous bear marked 'Homophobia'. Putin tells us, "Ignore him. He's not really here."

    COMMENTARY According to Pink News, "Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied gay people are unwelcome at the Sochi Winter Olympics over anti-gay laws in the country, saying he is not prejudiced as he is on 'friendly terms' with several people who are gay." He also commented that gay peopl…

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    You are not to forget and you will sometimes forget to forget and you will pass to forget and you will say to forget easy, but he (she, it) will not pass. You will not forget, alışarsan to everything, non-existence simply.

    You will do sometimes what for (the) forgetting, but again invincible. Because you will love him (her, it) much. You will deviate from pride simply. 

    But you will not understand existed one day and not being. It is/are such in this everything, enough cost (value) did not use to be made that/where desire loved he (she, it) did not use to be he (she, it) did not sometimes use to be gave to (the) anything (nothing) one... 

    But when loses you will understand he (she, it) his (her, its) cost (value) and if you is/are if (if only…

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    February 8, 2014 by Sweet angels

    Got together one day and hide and run  and all senses were playing.

    Slow-wittedness, happiness, sorrow and love that is.

    Who speak and who will look for  first? Slow-wittedness says nothing and slow-wittedness begins I and to count  without thinking. He 98. 99.s 100s openses. All  had gone out gizlənmişdi.Xoşbəxtlik girmişdi.Kədər to  inside of the water to  tree, love can find place to yourself. He has seen already being late and he throws yourself to thorny place.

    Slow-wittedness opens his eye,... Happiness fortunately goes out  and are found from out of the water, but sorrow tears  that he  cannot stand and is found in the tree. Row comes to  love, love of they look for much.

    They suddenly hear shout voice they are afraid, see all that voic…

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