This is a frecuently asked question by people, what is a directioner? Can anyone be a directioner? Are directioners "mad" with One Direction? Do you have to like to like One Direction for certain amount of time to become a directioner? Is there anything you have to do to become a directioner?

My opinion is that a directioner is someone who loves One Direction, thay don't have to be mad about them, but they have to love and defend anything related to One Direction, no matter what happens. You might want to know all their songs and their birthdays to become a directioner, but you don't have to. Being a directioner is not a label, or a name, or a category.

Anyone can call themself a directioner. Nobody IS a directioner, but anyone CAN CALL THEMSELVES directioner. No longer should we ask the question, are you a directioner? Instead we should ask, do you call yourelf a directioner?

Do you agree? Please comment on the matter

Theonedirectioner (talk) 13:34, January 29, 2013 (UTC)

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