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Vas happenin' boys

Picture from the video

Vas Happenin' Boys is a song, written by Savan Kotecha performed by himself and One Direction in 2010, while they were on The X Factor.

The lyrics are based on the famous quote, by One Direction's member Zayn Malik: Vas Happenin'.

They song was presented in a karaoke video for X Factor Online.

It also is found on YouTube and other video watching sites.


In the beginning of the video, Savan Kotecha appears in a room with a guitar joking "Hi, my name is Billy Bob Bob Billy and I came from the great state of Alabama to the country of Europe and the city of London. I made some great friends including these boys, One Direction. I wrote a song about them and here it goes". Kotecha sings the rest of the video sitting down playing the guitar. Members of One Direction appear when mentioned. In the end, they all appear from behind Savan and sing together. Louis Tomlinson screams instead of singing his lines.

Vas Happenin Boys02:08

Vas Happenin Boys.


There once was a group with Liam and Niall
Vas Happenin' Boys? Vas Happenin' Boys?

They lived with Zayn and their room was vile
Vas Happenin' Boys?

Vas Happenin' boys?

Did you know, Harry's such a slob?
He needs to win X Factor 'cause he can't get a job
And oh, Louis need a boat,
He dresses like he owns one,
'Cause he's got no other clothes
They really need your vote
Vas Happenin' Boys? Vas Happenin' Boys?

Vas Happenin' Boys?

Mick Jagger could be Harry's dad

[Savan & Harry]
Vas Happenin' Mum? Vas Happenin' Mick?

When Liam sings he makes his face look sad
Vas Happenin' Song? Vas Happenin' Sad?
And Zayn's the master of echoes

Echo, Echo, Echo

And Niall was raised by leprechauns
So he won't ever grow
And oh, Louis needs that boat
He dresses like he owns one
And it's becoming a joke
They really need your vote
Vas happenin' boys?

Vas happenin' boys?
Vas Happenin' Boys? Vas Happenin' Boys?
Vas Happenin' Boys? Vas Happenin' Boys?

Vas Happenin' Bob?

Billy Bob Bob Billy

Vas Happenin'?

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