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One Direction

One Direction appeared on the front cover of Wonderland Magazine's November/December 2012 issue. The photo shoot was inspired by awkward family photos and depicted the band wearing bright wooly jumpers while holding a Labrador puppy.

The featured interview and article asks the band to consider their immense success. Some fans of the band were also interviewed about their opinions regarding One Direction's success. The article examines fanfiction and highlighted "Loving the Band", a fanfic written by 16 year old Emily Baker which was eventually published by Penguin Books.


The following images were in the article in Wonderland Magazine about One Direction.


  • "I think a lot of people get into our situation and you hear they've changed, but we've just stayed ourselves"- Liam on why the band is such a success.
  • "Sometimes you want to say 'Have you quite finished?'"- Louis talking about twitter
  • "I just do it really randomly. I dip my finger in and just kind of pick one"- Liam on who he chooses to follow, retweet and reply on twitter.
  • "Oh man, haha, I'd be a bit embarrassed"- A Tumblr blog owner on if one direction actually saw her blog
  • "There's a feeling when you watch the boys that makes them feel like your friends"- An Australian fan